Thursday, November 20, 2008

Aluminum Foil

If any of you already knew about this, I want to know why you never told me!!!! Do you know all the aggravation you could have saved me?

Aluminum Foil
OK I hope I am not the only person who didn’t know this. I checked and sure enough it is there.
I've been using aluminum foil for more years than I care to remember. Great stuff, but sometimes it can be a pain. You know, like when you are in the middle of doing something and you try to pull some foil out and the roll comes out of the box. Then you have to put the roll back in the box and start over. The darn roll always comes out at the wrong time.Well, I would like to share this with you.Yesterday I went to throw out an empty Reynolds foil box and for some reason I turned it and looked at the end of the box. And written on the end it said, 'Press here to lock end'. Right there on the end of the box is a tab to lock the roll in place. How long has this little locking tab been there? I then looked at a generic brand of aluminum foil and it had one, too. I then looked at a box of Saran wrap and it had one too! I can't count the number of times the Saran warp roll has jumped out when I was trying to cover something up.I hope I'm not the only person that didn't know about this.


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Twisted Scrapper said...

ROFL, I didnt know about the lcking tab either. But now I am happy that you told me.

And I will never get tired of your comments. I LOVE them !!!

Thank you for always remembering to leave comments. It is so much appreciated.

Laura said...

I love knowing this! It is like the little arrow by the gas gauge that tells you which side the tank is on - a convenience no one tells you about. Thanks for the kits and this useful data

Hummie said...

lol...I'm not sure I knew that either! I need to go look!

Craftymumz Creations said...

I have the same problems and never ever have known, seen or been told this tidbit. I think you are 'saving the day' for a LOT of folks!!
Thank you so much for sharing it!

Catherine Childs Morrison said...

oops I didn't know about the locking tab either! Wow I've been using this stuff for decades. Holy Hannah this is something mothers should be passing down to daughters!